Good News: Hooray! McLaren is “Wonder Woman” Director

Well SQUEE!!!!! This good new has been a long time coming so let’s celebrate! First, a Wonder Woman movie is in the works for real! Thanks Warner Bros! We know this because Michelle MacLaren is the director!!!!! Veteran of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead, Ms. MacLaren is going to “develop and direct Wonder Woman, Warner Bros’ big-screen take on the iconic DC character.” – from Hollywood Reporter.

OH JOY!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to the progression, filming, and WATCHING Wonder Woman – soon!! Read all about it here: Michelle MacLaren Signs to Develop and Direct ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie (Exclusive).

Way to go Warner Bros.! Uh Marvel, keep up. 😉

Picture of McLaren with Warner Bros. executives accepting role as Wonder Woman director.

Michelle MacLaren says YES to directing “Wonder Woman”.

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