Horrorible Review: “Wither”

Enjoy this Monday with Mildred!

Not actually a Zombie World Tour, though the creatures are vaguely zombie-ish. – Mildred


Finally, I got to do a drive-by video choosing (aka a cold read of the video store shelves). It took longer than I expected, first because I had a cold and was moving slowly, and two, because there are a lot more crap horror movies on the shelf than I remember.

I finally chose Wither, a Swedish film that claims to be a remake of The Evil Dead. It has elements of that film, with besotted lovers in a deserted cabin and an evil, possessive demon. But there are only elements of the ED. The film is actually more like a cross between The Evil Dead and Dod Sno, with vaguely zombie-ish demons. The lovers arrive at the “cabin”, aka abandoned domicile, complete with furniture, utensils and running water, accompanied by a group of friends. One by one they encounter the demon…yada yada yada.

Being a Swedish film, there is the obligatory old-man-with-a-gun who appears suddenly to lecture the gaping youngsters on why it’s so dangerous to be in the house.

Once the slaughter begins it’s pretty relentless, and GORY. They spare nothing in the gore and violence, and had homages to various films like The Shining and an ED (Evil Dead) sequence. I was impressed and a little surprised by the amount of gore and vicious killings.

They don’t work hard to distance the phone toting youngsters from their master, instead actually using the device in the story.  This is a rare and welcome facet in a horror movie.

Overall, I found it to be an entertaining film, and I recommend it if you’re in the mood for a pretty good modern gore fest. Oh, but be prepared to either understand the Swedish actors or read Really Fast. They broke land speed records with those subtitles.


Wither movie poster

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