Gen Con – The Best 4 Days in Gaming

Welcome to the Another I Am At Gen Con Post

Today I start Gen Con. Yes I know it doesn’t official start until tomorrow, but when you are an Entertainer at Gen Con it officially starts today for you.  It is one of the best times I have all year and it is utterly exhausting. My troupe and I belly dance/walk/stand for 10-12 hours straight in costume and make-up. That means I have on an extra layer of facepaint and three layers of clothing, plus jewelry, and headdresses. So imagine wearing 25-40 lbs of wonderful costume and then run a marathon. Yup. That’s Gen Con! One of my past troupe members years ago dubbed it “Belly dance boot camp” and the name has stuck.

I am in no way complaining – I LOVE GEN CON!! Everything about it is fantastic and the people who prepare and run this con are THE BEST!!! I salute them for their hard work and love them for letting my troupe participate in the “Best 4 Days in Gaming.”

So don’t be surprised about different types of posts in this next week or even posts about Gen Con. Oh and if you have never gone, come! You don’t have to be a gamer to LOVE this event! Walking through Gen Con and the Exhibit Hall is like visiting Disney World.



Gen Con image - Best Four Days in Gaming

Gen Con Web image of a dragon claw.

Gen Con Web image of a dragon claw. ‘Cause you gotta have at least one.

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