Web Snippet: “Lord of the Rings Tweets from John Scalzi”

Welcome to the First: I Am At Gen Con Post

Oh goodness but I do enjoy writer John Scalzi. I started by reading Redshirts: A Novel With Three Codas and then continued to devour everything he has written. I also enjoy visiting his blog: Whatever. I like reading his blog so much I buy the books he has published with his favorite entries.

This morning while reading The Mallet of Loving Correction I found “Lord of the Rings Tweets.” My friends, it is too funny to NOT repost. I laughed so hard I cried a few times. I am a Tolkien Fanatic – wait, let me make this clear FANATIC – so I loved the commentary his tweets provided.

So click on this link: Lord of the Rings Tweets for a WONDERFUL fun read.



Picture of the One Ring from Lord of the Rings movies.

Gen Con image - Best Four Days in Gaming

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