Book Review: “The Best We Can”

The Best We Can by Carrie Vaughn is not  actually a book, but a short story. I found this short story while looking for books to read on my Nook*. I had read Ms. Vaughn’s other novel After the Golden Age. The story was short and inexpensive and I thought why not. So I purchased it, downloaded it, and put it in the read cue. I read it this morning. It was GREAT!

The Best We Can is a first contact story and what a story it is. It felt realistic, which is something most first contact stories don’t have. When I got to the end of the story I was very disappointed as I wanted MORE!

Want to read a great story? Well here it is published online by without any DRM**. Just click and have a great read.

The Best We Can

by Carrie Vaughn

Oh and go read some more of Carrie Vaughn. I recommend the Golden Age books.


The Best We Can photo cover.

* I love my Nook – no I’m not making any money telling you all that.
** Digital Rights Management

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