Hamburgers – America’s Favorite Food for the 4th of July

I did indeed eat some hamburgers on the 4th yesterday. It was a good day. I discovered this wonderful post from JustMeMike and felt I had to share.

Oh and if you read this hungry, well you will be hungrier.


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We’re out in the middle of nowhere. You know, and the good thing about it is, we are the only thing in nowhere.

So says Joe Maranto the owner of the Meers Store and Restaurant, home of the Texas Long Horn Beef Burger. Location: Meers, Oklahoma – population six people, eight cats, and a dog.

Well I found out about the Meers store in a documentary film called Hamburger America. This film tells the story of eight deliciously unique hamburger emporiums. Some are small, some are bigger, they’ve all been around for a while, and almost all are described as ‘world famous’. As they say at the Meers store – Eat Beef, the west wasn’t won on salad.

We’ll come back to Meers shortly. So it has been my tradition to do a post on art for the July 4th, and Thanksgiving Day holidays. But what could be…

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