TV Review: “Crossing Lines”

OVERALL: Hubby and I enjoyed this show so much we marathoned it on Netflix. We are bummed there is no season 2 for us to watch yet – though it is being made. Special thanks to Erica S. for recommending this show – and telling me she found it on Netflix. Oh and good news! There will be a season 2!! Can I watch is now please?

POINTS: Good acting; interesting characters; creative scripts; plenty of plot twists. What’s not to like?

PITFALLS: There are times I think the characters act stupidly. Oh and whoever works on this show knows nothing of cyber security. The team’s computer Geek has made a few remedial mistakes that someone with any training in computers would not make. I have shouted to him several times about using an external hard drive, backing up on DVDs, and unplugging computer from Internet when not sitting next to it. Dear Writers: Please up your game on this, ok?

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): We have two intelligent and competent women in this show: Gabriella Pession plays Eva Vittoria and Moon Dailly plays Anne-Marie San. Both women are competent and are treated with respect by their male colleagues. It is nice. 

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): As much as I enjoy the female characters on this show it would be nice if they didn’t all have the bodies and cheekbones of fashion models. Alas, most of us are not nor we will ever be that beautiful. The men are allowed a range of aging, the women should be allowed the same.

HIGH POINT(S): It is fun watching all of the characters interact. I like to see the different combinations of the characters and how they all fit together. Basically, I want MORE!!!

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 1 of 3 up to 3 of 3. Sometimes the women characters get to talk to each other and it is almost always about cases. Very refreshing.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 0 of 3 to 1 of 3. Drat. It is a very white cast and very white background people as well. However the last two episodes have a black woman investigator from the Netherlands (!) and it looks like she is joining the cast. Good.

IMDB: Crossing Lines (TV – 2013)


DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yes! I will so watch this again.

LION PAW PRINTS:  3 of 5. Watch this show and enjoy.


Crossing Lines TV promotional picture


2 responses to “TV Review: “Crossing Lines”

  1. I watched it too, but never got around to reviewing it. Surprised you didn’t mention the presence of Donald Sutherland. GHe brought a certain gravitas to the show. And that’s a plus.

    On the minus side – I thought the tension by the French makle detective was a bit wiorrisome.

    Thanks for the dood work on your review.

    • Thank YOU for mentioning the every talented Donald Sutherland. I feel when the character talks about war crimes it is coming from his heart as well.

      I am never quite sure about the French detectives to be honest with you. I’ll just have to wait and see in season two.

      Thanks again. 🙂

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