Marvel One-Shot: “Preview of ‘All Hail the King'”

If you are like me and therefore a total Marvel fan* then you will certainly have sat through all of the end credits at every Marvel movie and enjoyed the One-Shot, or Easter Egg, at the end of each film. Often the one-shot will give information about the next movie/storyline. Or provide great humor (one word: shwarma).

The one-shots also give secondary characters a time to shine. The One-Shot Agent Carter was highly anticipated and gives the Captain America character, Agent Peggy Carter, time to shine. Watch it here: Agent Carter One-Shot. This One-Shot was found on the Iron Man 3 DVD.

Now the newest One-Shot that has everyone excited is called All Hail the King. Many were hoping it was a One-Shot about Loki, but instead it is about the villain in Iron Man 3 – The Mandarin. Below is a teaser for the upcoming One-Shot.

This will be on the Thor: The Dark World DVD which is being released in Feburary. Of course I’m getting it. I’ll be sure to watch all of All Hail the King too.

*Comics as well as movies.

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