Web Series: “Adult Wednesday Addams”

OVERALL: LOL!!! I’m glad my friends posted about this on Facebook.

POINTS: So fun you can’t stop watching.

PITFALLS: Makes me want to watch The Addams Family. (Which really isn’t a bad thing.)

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Wednesday. She has such a healthy view of the world and makes wonderful commentary.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): I’ll let you know. Hoping to see more people of color in future episodes. I think it would be awesome if Wednesday had friends who weren’t of European descent. 🙂

HIGH POINT(S): Watching Melissa Hunter be the adult Wednesday Addams.

BECHDEL TEST (Website):  In a series it is hard because the episodes change who the leads will interact with. However we have had plenty of woman/woman scene with Wednesday and others so I would give this a 3 of 3.

OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL: melissahunter – writer and star of Adult Wednesday Addams


 LION PAW PRINTS:  3-5. Go watch it.

Adult Wednesday Addams

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