Movie Review: “Identity Thief”

  • OVERALL: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • POINTS: Melissa McCarthy. And Jason Bateman. And the Bateman-McCarthy chemistry!! So funny and so good at playing off of each other!! The two need to make a few (hundred) more movies ’cause the laughs don’t stop!
  • PITFALLS: I wanted more scenes of Diana fighting ’cause they cracked me up! But uh, whatever.
  • FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Diana. She kills stereotypes of females and funny females and she makes me laugh.
  • CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Well I did wonder why Trish didn’t get a job and/or Trish and Sandy didn’t hold off having another child until they were more financially stable, BUT if that was their choice that is their choice. 🙂

    Rex Reed. You may have heard that this misogynistic “movie reviewer” slammed on Ms. McCarthy for her weight. (Read here.) He’s an idiot. He clearly doesn’t like women. I would suggest he get therapy and just admit his bias towards half of the world’s population. I for one will never take anything he says about movies seriously again.

  • HIGH POINT(S): [SPOILER ALERTS] OMG! I shall try to not drool on the keyboard as I laugh. 1. The hotel bedroom scene. ‘Nuff said! 2. Diana’s transformation. 3. Prison visit. 4. Diana talking to Trish. 5. Beauty salon scene. 6. Diana fighting in any scene.
  • LION PAW PRINTS: 4 of 5. Did I mention LOL?!

Hubby Notes: Ok I normally do this for horror movies but I may have to branch out. 🙂 Hubby loved this movie too. Several times since we saw the movie in the theater he has mentioned to me how funny it was. We are so watching it when we get it home!! Oh and Hubby said we had to see this movie since Rex Reed (see above under Cultural Pitfalls) hated McCarthy for being large. Once again my Hubby proved just how much he ROCKS!!!


Oh my, my dance troupe has been photobombed. 🙂

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