Movie Review: “Trollhunter”

  • OVERALL: OMG. It’s snow, cold, it’s in Norway and it has TROLLS!!!
  • POINTS: This movie is just fun. 🙂 It is filmed in the style of “The Blair Witch Project” meaning handheld cameras in a amateur documentary style. And you see trolls! All kinds of trolls. Plus you get to see beautiful Norway, a place I want to go one day. Such gorgeous landscape and sky. And trolls. Did I mention it has TROLLS?!?! Remember how much fun it is to watch Jurassic Park so you can look at the dinosaurs? Same thing with this movie, only it is TROLLS!
  • PITFALLS: Hmmm….. Let me think. Well I would have loved more trolls. 🙂 (Have I mentioned I love trolls?) If you get squeamish with wobbling movie cameras you might want to be careful when you see this flick. The wobbly handheld camera doesn’t bother me at all – I’ve spent time filming things so I like the feel of this kind of film making – but it can make you sick if it bothers you. Oh and sometimes the film student characters seem kind of stupid. Of course that could be because I am pushing 50 and well, I just know more about life. Also the movie is Norwegian which isn’t a problem if you 1) Understand Norwegian; 2) Don’t mind reading subtitles; or 3) Don’t mind English dubbing. I watched it with subtitles first then with English dubbing. Then I just watched to watch the trolls!!!
  • FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Well we have two interesting female students who do some filming and a really interesting female veterinarian. We see at least one of the students throughout the whole movie.
  • CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Well wow there was actually a woman in this movie who was Muslim – in Norway even! She wasn’t in the movie for long but it was cool to see her. The trolls were cool too though they were mostly grey. 🙂
  • HIGH POINT(S): Trolls omg trolls!! Look I know I’ve said this a lot but the trolls are so cool in this movie!! They look so real and life-like. I don’t know how they got the trolls to actually agree to being filmed (*giggle*). They are so rustic and beautiful. Plus you get the feeling that hunting these creatures is difficult if not impossible. They are so huge and strong. Plus SPOILER ALERT some of them have rabies and the trollhunter wants to help cure them. Also the rabies can be passed to people. there are also discussions about the ethics of killing trolls.  And oh good grief just watch the movie to experience the trolls!!!!
  • DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: I own this on Blu-Ray. I wanted to see it in the theaters but never go to. Hooray for home entertainment!
  •  LION PAW PRINTS:  4. I watch this movie just to look at the glorious trolls. And Norway. I want to go. And yes I want to see the trolls when I get there. 🙂  TROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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