Movie Review: “This Means War”

Overall: Hilarious, funny, action, fun acting. Just thoroughly enjoyable. 🙂

Points: The actors were fun to watch and the dialogue was clever – and surprising! It didn’t fall into several of the cultural potholes that happen in stories like this. Salute to McG who likes kick-ass women. Plus his kick-ass guys have great chemistry, bromance, and a good way at laughing at themselves. You will giggle.

Pitfalls: Well as far as I could tell there were no movie-making pitfalls. There were cultural ones but I’ll talk about those in a minute. It was a fast, slick, FUN movie and Hubby and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Female Character(s): Oh come on the movie had Reese Whitherspoon and Chelsea Handler – how could it go wrong?! First Reese gets to not be the silly woman who gets pushed around by men. When that sh*t goes down it just shows that women need to be bullied by men in order to discover that they love them. Consequently men only love women who are beautiful. Well this movie turns that around. The character of Tuck (Tom Hardy) wants love and goes looking for it. His approach is to be himself and be fun. FDR (Chirs Pine’s character) is a playboy idiot who finds out that yes he can fall in love. It was fun.

Reese and Handler get to have “girl talk” that actually sounds like the talk my buddies and I have together. So I liked it. 🙂 I also liked that they encouraged each other to be sexually active without regrets. I really hate the double standard and despise when women are made to be embarrassed by their needs and sexual activity. They got to have a good time. Good.

Plus both the male and female characters got to be a bit noble and look out for each other rather than just their selves. Good. I like it when people can love each other as friends and find love too.

Cultural Pitfalls: Now as I watched the movie I kept thinking that if we lived in a culture that allowed for more than a man-woman monogamous relationship they could have formed a three-way love partnership. I know, I know, I’m so out there! I myself prefer the monogamous man-woman pair bonding with my Hubby so hey, that’s just me. But for others well, you never know.

Our heroine does get a good love relationship in the end and so does both of our heroes. So it did end up nicely.


Lion Paw Prints: 3


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