Trailer Tuesday: “Gotham Knights”

Gotham Knights

Oh Squee! This looks like FUN! I mean, how much fun is is to wonder about the “next generation” in our fave comic book stories. Check it out.

Yes the preview shares a LOT. Yes I can probably figure out how the first episode will go. No, not disappointed at all. Also, just me, but I LOVE exposition so being told things about the story if good for me. Plus I’ve been vaccinated against spoilers ruining anything for me – that’s another post. NOTE: No this is not from the video game (which I now want to play).

Sure it’s another very young person story with very pretty people and lots of salutes to music videos and ok. It is afterall the CW. I can live with that IF I like the characters and story.

I think this will be a blast! Or at least enough of a blast to watch the first few episodes. I mean Misha Collins will keep me watching for at least four episodes. Also: I kinda wanna know who the other kids are.

Let’s hope for the best!


CFR: In Addition: Yes I’m doing an In Addition on my own post. Apparently this show has done very poorly and people are predicting its early demise. See Links below. Not sure how I feel about that. Is this the work of Internet Trolls or is it just bad. Why so much hate? I get bothered by nerd/geek fans who have to hate because it isn’t exactly what they like. Well, I will find out if I like this show or not. I’m still gonna watch.

I still like the trailer.

Gotham Knights TV poster

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