Farewell: “Betty White”

Farewell Betty White

Portrait of Betty White.

Yesterday, January 17, 2022 would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday. Unfortunately she passed in late December 2021. It is a loss to the world. She was a great comedienne – an absolute MASTER of comedic timing – actress, singer, smiler. She was popular with all ages and peoples. She supported civil rights and loved animals. She LOVED animals. So in honor of Betty I would like to every year encourage people to give to an animal charity. Below are charities I love and then there are ones Betty supported.

I ask that every year, on the day AFTER MLK Day, we celebrate Betty and give to animals. Works for me.

Below are some links to animals rescue societies, mine then Betty’s, and then information about the woman herself.

Thank you Betty. Thank you for everything. Now party down.

CFR Animal Rescue Societies

·        Freedom Tails Ohio – This is where I got my two current dogs, Cagney and Lacey.

·        The Nest: Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation – A good friend who loves animals like
Betty runs the Nest. As they say on their Facebook page: “The Nest focuses
on dogs that shelters don’t put up for adoption due to their age, health and or
minor behavior issues. We do not have a shelter/facility. All our animals are
in foster homes. Please visit our web site for more info and details on the
adoption process.”

·        Brown County Humane Society – This shelter has an EXCELLENT reputation.

·        Wolf Park – OMG. They are a wolf sanctuary providing education about and encounters with wolves. Love them!

·        Monroe County Dog Shelter & Animal Welfare Department – Local shelter in my home

Betty White’s Favorites

·        Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association

·       American Humane 

·        Guide Dogs for the Blind

·       Endangered Wolf Center

·        BraveHearts Therapeutic Riding and Educational Center

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