Monday With Mildred On Tuesday: “Friendsgiving”


Whoever hired the advertising firm that handles this movie deserves a strong talking to by their boss. If you look anywhere on the internets about this film, you will see that it stars Wanda Sykes. That’s why I put this movie in my queue in the first place. Between her, one of my favorite comics, Rhea Butcher, and Aisha Tyler, who wrangles the geniuses on Whose Line is it Anyway every week, I figured the film would be okay for something light some afternoon. Wanda appears for roughly a minute. Rhea has a very funny moment in the movie but they’re only on screen for about two minutes. Aisha is one of many supporting actors.

Despite the untruth in advertising, Friendsgiving was a pleasant surprise because I hadn’t expected a lot. From the description and the trailer, it looked like an inexpensively done film without big names. Malim Ackerman (Watchman, Final Girls) is Molly, a somewhat famous actress with a baby boy, agreeable boyfriend Jeff (Jack Donnelly, Atlantis), her best friend Molly (Kat Dennings, Thor, Two Broke Girls), and a host of offbeat friends, including some hot-off-the-internet lesbians invited to give Abby a choice of new girlfriend. They’re all called in at the last minute to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends instead of family. Hijinks ensue.

I was right in my assessment of it being a film with a lower than normal budget. Nearly all of the film is shot in someone’s really nice house, which kinda reminded me of a porno movie but I think that’s just my deal. Besides the solid wall of comedic actors, the clever writing is what holds up this movie. Writer/director Nicol Paone explains that not a little of the action is pulled directly from events in her life. She has a really interesting life.

There were a surprising number of denigrating jokes about vegan food, considering the LA setting, and a remarkably lengthy and comprehensive listing of all the ways to call someone a lesbian. A few moments veer into some startling imagery, like some sexy role play and later some sexually suggestive dancing.  At its heart, though, the film is about love and friendship, and how the bonds of the latter can be stronger than the former. I didn’t find anything surprising in the storyline, and the humor starts slow then ramps up and takes a few interesting spins around the block. A lot of the funny stuff was improve from the many comics in the cast, but all of it was seamless and funny.  The biggest surprise for me was seeing several really low ratings on amazon. Some people hated this movie a LOT. I have a sneaking suspicion some of them don’t care for movies with all the top characters being women.

If you’re looking for a funny movie with some risqué moments, a cute baby, and not a car chase or explosion in sight, definitely see this movie.


FRIENDSGIVING Trailer (2020) Kat Dennings, Comedy Movie

CFR: In Addition & Mea Culpa: Ok, first sorry that this came out on Tuesday. Monday was insane. Second: LOL not a car chase in sight? Hubby may not want to watch. Third: Vegan food is delicious. Seriously. I love it. Fourth: Yeah, I want to see this. 🙂 Fifth: I love eating Thanksgiving food and now I want some. Sixth: Where is Wanda Sykes?!?!?

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