Trailer Tuesday: “The 355”

The 355 movie poster

The 355

Well squee and yes. Diverse women as spies kicking but and taking no nonsense? I’m soooo there!! This is my jam, my flavor of latte.

This trailer is intriguing, fun, action filled, and although it may give away plot points – or does it – I think it is fun to watch. Plus we get to see these high powered actresses go into high powered scenes. Love it. It may not be a great movie, but it sure looks like entertainment to me.

Enjoy the trailer.

Oh and 355 refers to a woman agent in the American Revolution whose name was Agent 355. 🙂

The 355 – Official Trailer [HD]

This was going to be released January 2021 and will now be released 2022. Curse you COVID!


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