Commercial Review: “Hamill vs. Stewart for UberEats”

Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart for UberEats

Hamill vs. Stewart for UberEats

If you don’t know by now I am a Geek. A big, full on, can’t stop, Geek. So of course I love the UberEats commercials with Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart. How could you not?

The commercials call upon the old and utterly ridiculous rivalry between Star Wars and Star Trek. (Both are awesome and I want my Start Trek future, BTW.) They also bring up some good Star Wars “daddy” humor and tease Sir Patrick about being a sir.

I have never wanted to download an app and order food more in my life. See the ad is working.

My only complaint is that I want more. Many more. And longer ones. Come on THIS IS GOLD AND I NEED MORE OF IT!

Watch the video compilation below and enjoy.

Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart: UberEats Commercials Compilation

Now for some garlic naan……



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