Trailer Tuesday: “Artemis Fowl”

Artemis Fowl movie poster

Artemis Fowl

My first reaction: What The Fork?!?!?!? THAT ISN’T ARTEMIS FOWL!! I mean I have been a huge fan of the books since I first read the original Artemis Fowl. I was working at the local Barnes & Noble at the time and eagerly bought each new book in the series in hardback. That’s how much I liked it. When asked to display the book for future buyers, I said that Artemis Fowl is Harry Potter if he had been an evil genius. Yes I still own all the books in hardback.

However. This trailer destroys the entire plot line of Artemis Fowl. This is NOT the book. I know, I know, you have to makes changes, you have to save time. That’s cool. But this is taking the plot and turning it inside out. WHY?!?

Remember how I wrote above that Artemis was an evil genius? THAT’S BECAUSE HEIS! Artemis is the BAD GUY! He revels in being the genius villain who can fool and manipulate and hack everyone in the world out of his way. He’s not a nice and innocent child. He is cold and calculating. Read the below article – Evil or genius – what has Disney done to Artemis Fowl.

Now the trailer looks pretty and if I knew nothing about the books I would be totally stoked to see this. I was totally stoked to see this movie until the (pretty) trailer. See for yourself.

Disney’s Artemis Fowl | Official Trailer

Maybe it will be good. But it won’t be Artemis Fowl.





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