Movie Review: “Captain Marvel”

Captain Marvel movie poster

Captain Marvel

OVERALL: *SMILE* My heart is happy. My soul smiles. It is good.

POINTS: It’s Captain Marvel. My beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe FINALLY gave us a woman lead superhero movie. It was wonderful, beautiful, and omg that last fight scene was all fists and flying. Go see it. Hats off to the cast, crew, and the husband and wife team directors (Anna BodenRyan Fleck). Well done!

Oh and yes Captain Marvel DID open on International Women’s Day, so enjoy the below graphic.

Captain Marvel wishing you a Happy International Women's Day

PITFALLS:  Small Pitfall: I think Brie Larson needed to feel more comfortable physically portraying a badass warrior. Other Marvel Cinematic Universe heroines stand, walk, and physically resonate their physical power. Larson seems to be trying too hard. Except when she is doing her “snark” dialogue, then she is PERFECT!!!

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Oh come on. The movie is named Captain Marvel – possibly the toughest superhero in the Marvel Universe both cinematic and comic book. So of course our hero – Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) is a rockingly wonderful character. AND! She is surrounded by other cool women – best friend Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) and “colleague” played by Annette Bening.

It’s a joy fest. Great men characters too.



1.) Younger Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Just how much fun was Samuel L. Jackson having playing Nick Fury discover super heroes and aliens? I bet it was off the charts. It is so much fun to see Jackson have FUN in a role. And it is refreshing to see our hero wrangler actually happy. Loved it.

2.) GOOSE! Ok, in this movie Goose is really an orange tabby. He steals a few scenes and has one of my top five Marvel one-shots at the very end of the credits. Stay and watch.

3.) The Movie Itself. First woman lead MCU* movie with a husband and wife team directing and a woman scoring. It was heart filling. So glad I am seeing it again.

4.) “Where’s Fury?” and *hairball*. You’ll understand when you see it.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 3 of 3. Oh yes!

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 3 of 3. Oh YES

IMDB: Captain Marvel (2019)

OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE: Captain Marvel | Disney Movies

DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: YES! I really want to watch it again.

LION PAW PRINTS:  3.5. Any movie that makes me smile has gotta get the love.

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Official Trailer

*MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe – Official Website –  Wikipedia

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