Media Thoughts: “What About Embalming?”

Drawing of embalmed corpse in casket

What About Embalming?

Ok, so this is something I have wondered about for some time, thus I must share. In movies and books people come back to life, as in zombies and other tropes in SF/Fantasy. I’m cool with that. But I keep wondering: “What about embalming?”

See if the person has been embalmed and all of the fluid has been drained and replaced with preservatives, then uh, doesn’t the newly living person have to deal with that? Won’t the body need to recover/expel/replace the preservatives with new needed fluids? It’s bad enough that one has to climb out of the coffin, but how does the newly enlivened body deal with embalming fluids and recover?

Now yes not everyone gets embalmed, so why isn’t that an issue that stories deal with. Like perhaps some people come back because they were not embalmed. No I’m not even going to talk about cremation.

So huh. This is what this Geek is thinking while starting to watch Glitch on Netflix which is so far quite good.

Yes please, share your thoughts. One day, this will need to be addressed in stories if it hasn’t been already.

Or not. 😉


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