Another Voice: “The Void”

The Void movie poster

The Void

Thanks to Mildred being on a horror email list, she has many wonderful friends who share their thoughts on movies and books. Below is the review of the movie The Void by David Schmidt. Thanks so much David!

Dear filmmakers who made THE VOID

I love your striking imagery, your old-style physical FX, and good suspense ideas. I appreciate your many nods to the works of John Carpenter (Precinct 13, The Thing, Prince of Darkness, Mouth of Madness, etc.), with spatterings of Stuart Gordon and Lucio Fulchi.

Some notes, however:

a) This is the 21st century, please write your female characters accordingly.

b) If you’re going to do a pastiche of Big John’s films, please learn the right lessons from them: write compelling iconic characters, use clear and cleanly communicated plot structure, and most of all *pacing*.

c) If you’re gong to borrow the endings of not one but _two_ classic horror movies, you better make sure you *earn* it.


The Void

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