Trailers Teasers Previews: “The Defenders”

The Defenders cast photo

The Defenders

I do not hide it: I am a HUGE fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). When it was announced that Netflix would do shows of the Hell’s Kitchen/NYC characters I shouted “Yes!” and have watched all of them happily. 🙂 After enjoying all stand alone series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Daredevil 2, Nick Cage, and Iron Fist) I am not surprised that the MCU shall now combine these heroes into their comic book form of The Defenders. I think of them as the working class Avengers. 🙂

The first teaser trailer came out and ooooo I of course wanted MORE!  I mean just look at it below.

THE DEFENDERS Official Trailer TEASER (2017) Marvel, Netflix TV Show HD

I love that the two non-super strength characters, Daredevil and Iron Fist, are breathing heavily. I mean of course Jessica and Luke don’t have to expend as much energy as they are super strong and almost invulnerable. Although I think it is appropriate that Jessica gets rid of the elevator security camera, I of course was upset because I wanted to see MORE! Then I found the fun video below that gave me GREAT information that was embedded in the trailer!

Everything You Missed From The Defenders Official Teaser Trailer – Easter Eggs And More

Two quick video points:

  1. The number in the upper left side leads to this Website: New York Bulletin Archive.
  2. The number in the upper right side gives the release date: August, 18, 2017.

And just for the fun of it: The Defenders: First Look At Marvel Mashup | Cover Shoot | Entertainment Weekly

In short, squee.

I’m M. Lion and I’m a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan.


The Defenders logo from Netflix

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