Horrorible Review: “Zombie Strippers”

Enjoy this Monday with Mildred!

This is also Zombie World Tour post!

Zombie Beavers movie poster

Zombie Strippers

What? You thought I could resist this?  Despite the total squickedness of CFR, I decided to review this film which I first saw years ago and revisited recently in case I was stuck for review material.  Which I am.  I love funny zombie movies, and while I expected a little humor with a title like that, this is actually very funny and not only with sex jokes.  The makers are also fans of the classics, which shows up constantly.

The movie begins with a horror sequence – George Bush has won his 4th presidential election in a row, verified by Supreme Court Justice Jenna Bush. So, welcome to the Zombie World Tour, future edition. Strip clubs have been outlawed at this point, so everything is even more hard core than normal.  Jenna Jameson is the all time favorite at Sartre, Nebraska’s Tough Titty strip club, where Robert Englund runs the girls but never touches.  He keeps a can of Lysol at hand just in case they forget.

Being Robert Englund, he knocks his one liners out of the park, like “Baby, we’re gonna make a killing”, and “You’re dead to me.  Real dead, not undead dead.” There are many nods to other horror movies, with an Aliens Hall full of zombies, hands groping at a door window, a Wilhelm Scream, and someone clinking bottles together chanting, “Come on out and plaaaaaay.”

A fun soundtrack scores the progressively antagonistic, essentially pornographic, pole dancing.  It doesn’t take long for one of the dancers to be bitten, touching off a riotous demand for hot dead dancers who you do not want to tap for a back room visit. When they’re not on stage the dancers lounge in the dressing room, adjusting makeup, discussing Nietzche and the differences between mollusks and crustaceans, and smirking at the new girl whose financial trouble is forcing her into a new profession for quick money. Of course it’s the goth dancer who is bitten first, touching off a deadly competition that the Tony Todd-ish dj can barely keep up with.

Then it gets really weird.

There are several super gory deaths that I thought were really well done considering the low budget nature of the film.  One will definitely make the guys squirm, but you know it has to happen in a movie like this.  Another answers the age old question, “How does a zombie bite you if his jaw has been torn off?” As with any decent zombie film, there is a moral question, in this case: how much of your moral well-being are you willing to sacrifice for a greater good?  There’s a lot of funny in the movie, my favorite one-liner being the now dead stripper putting down her Nietzche book and saying, “It all makes sense now.”

If you don’t mind watching actresses with boobs augmented to the point of bursting, and some over-the-top sexual hijinks, then you will find this an amusing and sometimes gory entry in your zombie film checklist.


CFR: In Addition: Sorry the trailer was just too stupid looking to post. You can watch it here. AND OMG! Did you know there is an unrated special edition?!?!? See it here on Amazon – Zombie Strippers (Unrated Special Edition).

Happy Labor Day. 😉

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