Movie Review: “Djinn”

Djinn movie poster


OVERALL: Whoa. My Hubby watched this during one of his Netflix binging sprees. He told me I had to watch it as it was very good. Last week I was itching to watch some horror so we put it on. OMG. So frakking unbelievably good.

POINTS: The simplicity of this movie is amazing. No flashy special effects, no big sets and casts. Just actors pouring themselves in their roles and the camera letting them do their work. Plus there is a great feeling of isolation and loneliness in this movie that is just THERE. The movie doesn’t have to build it, you feel it immediately. Wow.

PITFALLS: Hmmm…. I’ll let ya’ know.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Yes. There are many and they are interesting. Plus they comment on their expected female roles and how they want to be in the world. Our heroine, Salaama played by Razane Jammal, is the center of this movie. We watch her struggle with hidden memories, her role as a woman and wife, what she wants from her life, and dealing with her new surroundings. It is fun to watch her.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Nope can’t think of any. But I do really want to research djinns now.


1.) Tobe Hooper. The man knows horror and has his own style. Oh does he ever have his own style. Wow!  This movie is a masterpiece.

2.) Simplicity. Small cast, very few locations, simple camera work = WOW masterpiece.

3.) Cast. I loved watching a Middle Eastern cast speak and work both in English and their native language (sorry no, I don’t know what it is). So wonderful.

4.) Praying. At one point our heroine prays to Allah. I found it so beautiful.

BECHDEL TEST (Website):  3 of 3.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website):  3 of 3. 🙂

IMDB:  Djinn (2013)




Djinn – Trailer

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