Call to Action: Stop CISA


They’re at it again. According to Decide the Future – the same group that helped us defeat SOPA – read more about it here – Congress just can’t stop panicking about the Web and are introducing a new bill CISA. According to Decide the Future: This bill would put corporations above the law and let them share your data with the U.S. government. *raspberry* I’m against it. I do NOT approve of corporations being that powerful nor do I approve of the Government being so hysterical about the Web they constantly feel the need to control it. Want more specific information? I did. So read this: Decide the Future: FAQ.

Look, if they think someone is doing something illegal on the Web well hello! That’s what warrants are for!!!!!!!!

So do yourself a favor: Act like an American and support your civil liberties. Call/email your federal representatives NOW! If you don’t know who they are, no problem. Decide the Future will help you. Just click on their site: Decide the Future and follow their advice. Why yes I have done it. 🙂

Oh and you can also Tweet your Senators! Just scroll down a bit from the top and there you are. I did. 🙂

Stop CISA action picture

For more information, try these links:


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