Throwback Thursday: “Tremors”

Enjoy this Throwback Thursday with Mildred!

Tremors movie poster.



We’re not going to stop talking about Tremors until EVERYONE has seen it.

Once more at the IU Cinema, we went to see an old favorite and had a wonderful time.  The crowd was younger than the one for Jaws, even as young as a couple of six year olds whose dad brought them.  Their car was parked next to ours and when we asked if they’d liked it received a very enthusiastic yes from both.

As this is a favorite and I’m prone to multiple viewings, I was pleased and surprised to discover there was a lot about the film I had never seen before in all these years.  The sound was turned up way, way too loud in the theatre, forcing a lot of people to stick a finger in their ears, but it did let me hear something my pitiful surround sound never gave me.  I never realized the creatures growl.  How kewl is that?  There was makeup detail I could never appreciate on the tube, and the large beauty of the landscape was more apparent.

I also caught a funny goof that’s probably visible on the small screen but was really noticeable Friday.



When they’re stuck out in the desert with one last bomb and Val takes off for the cliff, followed quickly by Earl when the creature pops its head up, the desert floor shudders and shakes with each step because it’s plywood dressed as desert.  I assume it’s room for the puppeteer, but it really made me laugh.

End Spoiler


Watching old favorites on the big screen seems to be a craze sweeping the nation right now, especially at drive-ins.  I’m really happy to have discovered this pleasure, and I’ll be looking for more movies to revisit.


CFR: In Addition: I saw this with Mildred last Friday night and OMG it was so good on the big screen. Now I want to watch it again. And again.

Trailer, Spoiler Alert, and Horrorible: In Addition are copied from CFR’s original Tremors post.

Tremors Official Trailer #1 – Kevin Bacon Monster Movie (1990) HD


Margaret’s Favorite Scene can be seen below but might give some things away. Watch at own risk.


Horrorible In Addtion: Mildred must add this: Burt Gummer’s line is the funniest line in any movie of that decade, AND, the second funniest line involves the scientist, when she says, “This creature is unprecedented!” and the guy responds with, “Yeah, but what is it?”  The look on her face makes that the second funniest line.

I also remember watching this one for the first time with a group of lesbian friends and acquaintances.  When Gummer smashes the glass and grabs that gun I exclaimed, “That’s an  eight gauge shotgun!” and started laughing before he even said the line.  Every face in the room turned my way with a sour expression.  Guns were not something a properly PC dyke would have knowledge of back then.

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