Horrorible Review: “Dead & Breakfast”

Enjoy this Monday with Mildred!

This is also a Zombie World Tour post!

 Dead & Breakfast

Here’s a little gem that requires a viewer to be in the mood for something quirky and referential.  Staffed by tv actors you’ll recognize from small roles in the 1990s, expect to get about that level of talent on screen.  Ever Carradine brings her uncle David, who walks through (or rather stands and delivers, holding an open cell phone just out of frame at one point), and the future Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres plays a memorable bridezilla.

Don’t watch the credits if you don’t want to be spoiled.  They are pretty black and red ink, and they will show you the whole story.  Watch them LATER.  There’s also an Easter Egg in the menu that’s so easy even I found it.  I don’t understand the video it leads to, but I was impressed with myself anyway.

The film’s narrator shows up early, smashing the fourth wall (sorta) into a bazillion pieces, and later knocks out a rousing country rap number for the line dancing zombies.  Yeah.  That quirky.

There are some sexual innuendo, one of which knocked me on the floor when I heard it.  Look for some Evil Dead references, especially a poster in the chainsaw closet (doesn’t everyone have one of those?) and blood sprays on a monsoon scale.

The zombies are too loquacious, small in number and moronic to pose a credible threat, though for this film actual scariness may have been a disadvantage.  There is no relevant social message here beyond, “Don’t Be Mean” and we can all get behind that.

This film teeters on the edge of too self-aware, especially so loaded with B grade tv talent, but if you’re in the mood for it Dead & Breakfast is a lot of fun.  It’d be a great party movie, but I haven’t yet figured out the drinking game.


Dead & Breakfast movie poster

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