Sing Hallelujah! Captain Marvel IS Getting A Movie!!!

Oh Marvel, you know how to make me happy. Five minutes ago I saw this post from Marve Studios Announces Captain Marvel for July 6, 2018, Confirms Carol Danvers. I am weeping with joy. I am so thrilled by this that I copied the announcement below.

Read and enjoy.*


Marvel Studios Announces Captain Marvel For July 6, 2018, Confirms Carol Danvers

During its special announcement today, Marvel Studios confirmed the production of Captain Marvel, with a July 6, 2018 release date.

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige confirmed that the film will indeed star Carol Danvers, the current Captain Marvel in Marvel Comics.

“Captain Marvel has gone by many names…this character’s name is Carol Danvers,” Feige said. “This is the time to bring out Captain Marvel.”

Carol Danvers, who was originally Ms. Marvel until 2012 when Marvel comics rebranded the character, is an air force pilot who gains the powers of an alien warrior. In the comics, that alien was the original Captain Marvel, or Mar-Vell. Captain Marvel will be Marvel Studios’ first film with a female superhero as the lead.

Stay tuned to for more updates on Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel teaser poster


*Now where’s my Black Widow movie? 😉

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