April Fool’s Day Calls for Some Gender Swapping!!!

Ooo but I LOVE me some gender swapping! Since it is April Fool’s Day* I thought I would share some of my favorite gender swapping. Here goes!

What is gender swapping, you ask? I’m glad you did! Gender swapping is when you take a story and change the gender of the characters. For example, in a gender swapped universe, Tarzan would be a woman and Jane would be a man. Fun huh? Well I think so. It’s let’s the mind play “what if” and that is something my mind likes to do a lot.


Star Trek

Avengers (Oh yes please!!)

Justice League of America


Supernatural TV Show – Angels

Christopher Nolan’s Batman – OMG!

Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter – has its own Tumblr

Wow! While looking up gender swap examples I found this: The Machine To Be Another. It can give you the opportunity to experiences life as another person. Cool! You can even genderswap a Website. From The Magic Cafe Forums comes rgender.

Have a great day everyone!!


*Please note that I am terrible at pranking. All of my pranks are usually too mean to actually do. For example, walking into a 300 person lecture hall on a college campus and saying, with tears in your eyes “They’ve dropped the bombs.” See? That is so wrong and DON’T DO IT EVER!! This is why I stick to blogging.

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