2014 Winter Olympics Schedule

Hello! Ok, so I am not yet ready to “review” the Olympics – or rather the USA coverage of the Olympics – but I do want to post the schedule because hey, this is what I’m going to be watching irregardless of what is in the theaters. Plus TV is taking a hiatus ’cause OLYMPICS!!!  Plus my hubby and I started dating right around the Lillehammer, Norway Olympics in 1994 so we really love the Winter Olympics. It’s a fun, romantic activity to watch our country men and women in our favorite season represent.


Also I become obnoxiously patriotic in that I hope all the USA athletes win medals. Sorry other countries I know you are hoping to win too, but uh USA!

So check out the schedule, check out the Olympic location, and enjoy!!!

Oh and enjoy this coverage of the very beautiful and dream-like opening ceremonies. Be proud Russia!

And GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Logo


P.S. And if I hear one more disparaging word about the unopened snowflake at the opening ceremonies I will SCREAM!! Those of us who have done live shows stand and salute. We know how hard that is. Be proud and well done!

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