Movie Review: “August: Osage County”

OVERALL: I like it. I looked forward to it before I went into the theater and enjoyed it very much.

POINTS: Acting and writing.

PITFALLS: If you aren’t prepared to watch a dysfunctional, alcoholic, drug-abusing family be with each other for a few days then this movie will be tough for you. If however you are familiar with dysfunctional families, this movie will feel like a trip home. Like Christmas.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Oh yes. We have many women having many conversations with each other about everything under the sun. Occasionally they talk about men. But these women have known each other a long time and are related so the conversations run wild.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Well hmmm…. I think this movie examines some cultural pitfalls. First, the movie challenges women and aging, even though one main character insults all women who age. Plus the same character, Violet Weston, played by the always amazing Meryl Streep, indulges in racism and insults the Native American housekeeper Johnna Monevata played by Misty Upham. However the sexism and racism is not condoned by the movie, and make the character of Violet continue to look unattractive for the audience.

HIGH POINT(S): The Acting!! Meryl Streep and  Julia Roberts show us once again why they are stars. They not only have charisma and star quality, they can both act. The fabulous Margo Martindale shows why she won an Emmy – woman’s got chops. The men are great too. Chris Cooper once again delivers a warm performance and if you are a Benedict Cumberbatch fan, you will love NOT being able to see any parts of Sherlock or Khan in him. Hubby’s words and I agree.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 3 of 3. Naturally.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 1 of 3. Well there is Johnna Monevata (Misty Upham) but unfortunately no other people of color are in the movie. *sigh* Not surprising considering Violet’s racism.

IMDB: August: Osage County (2013)




August: Osage County movie poster.

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