TV Review: “Sherlock”

OVERALL: The show has a huge fanbase. Why? Because it is GOOD. 🙂

POINTS: All of it. It is a perfect combination of acting, writing, casting, scenery, timing, all coming together. Well done.

PITFALLS: Now my common complaint about the Sherlock stories is the character himself, Sherlock Holmes. I realize this is because I value emotional intelligence as much as I do intellectual intelligence. I am not impressed when Sherlock when he puts people down by saying that he smarter than others and therefore can say and do what he likes. Uh, no. Sorry wrong. I like it when people call him on his impolite behavior. I also wonder that there  might be several explanations for what Sherlock says about his findings. Granted, I’m not going to think of things that quickly, but hey, like I said, I value emotional and social intelligence too. I personally don’t think anyone has the right to be rude just because they are smart. In fact, I think they should count themselves lucky people don’t beat them up regularly. However I still enjoy this show and laugh when people poke at Sherlock, albeit behind his back.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Check out the Bechdel Test below. I know that people complain a lot about the producer writer Stephen Moffat. I think he is a man who is trying and I can appreciate that. Does he always succeed in making his stories devoid of sexist nonsense, no. Do I think he tries, yes. So thanks and please keep moving forward, Stephen. Oh and I must admit I don’t like it when Sherlock gets to bossy with Mrs. Hudson. I do like it when she reminds him she is not his housekeeper.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Well more women and people of color could always be good, but I’ll admit this isn’t a strong point for me right now. The show is NOT all white and NOT all male and that is good. 🙂 I appreciate people of color and shape being in the supporting roles and in the crowd/background. Good. I like that. Gives a better picture of our world. 🙂

HIGH POINT(S): 1.) Benedict Cumberbatch. He is Sherlock. You believe that every atom of his body is Sherlock. 2.) Martin Freeman. He, like Cumberbatch, seems to inhabit the character perfectly. Mr. Freeman may be an idiot at times but he is still a perfect Watson (and Bilbo). 3.) The show itself. I don’t know what it is that makes something great and wonderful; what makes you want to watch/read/listen to it over and over again. I don’t know what that is but whatever it is, or combination of its, but Sherlock’s got it peeps and got it in spades. It’s magic. So turn the TV on and ENJOY!

BECHDEL TEST (Website): Hmmmm…. It seems that Sherlock does not do well with the Bechdel. In fact, here is a Tumblr post analyzing the first two seasons BBC Sherlock Bechdel Test.

IMDB: Sherlock (TV Series 2010 – )


DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yes! Thank goodness you can currently watch it on Netflix.

LION PAW PRINTS:  4 of 5. It sticks with you.

Sherlock TV series from BBC

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