Movie Review: “Battleship”

OVERALL: Oh what fun!

POINTS: A salute to the Battleship game, WWII veterans and Pearl Harbor, helping wounded vets, and kicking alien invading butt. I told you this movie was fun.

PITFALLS: The was the script moves around one can feel like you are watching several movies rolled into one. Doesn’t bother me, but it might bother others. I think maybe people can’t quite follow all of the cool plot links. I liked it a lot but it may have bothered people.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Well hey cool. First our main heroine Sam, played by Brooklyn Decker, is a physical therapist (PT). This is cool at PTs require lots of smarts, schooling, and people skills. So yes Sam is there to be the gorgeous love interest BUT she has brains, a career, and is good at her work. This is very satisfying to watch. Huzzah to this! Second female character is Petty Officer Cora ‘Weps’ Raikes, played by Rihanna. She has, BTW, my second favorite line in the movie: “Boom.” Trust me, it is great!!!  So all in all, the ladies are fun. There could be  more, but the ones we have are cool.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Well it would have been nice to see more women, but hey, this movie was ok. Granted having the heroine look like a fashion model can be odd, but she was fun and smart and well, I enjoyed it.

HIGH POINT(S):  *[SPOILER ALERT]*  1.) Hooray for the Old Salts! Seeing the WWII vets take out their old ship and pwn the aliens is just too darn fun. Also lovely was when the Old Salts welcomed Rihanna into their midst. Very nice. 2.) The hero’s, Lieutenant Alex Hopper played by Taylor Kitsch, rallying speech. There is just something so satisfying in how Mr. Kitsch delivers the line. Well done sir! I felt myself cheering. This, BTW, is my first favorite line, or rather, lines.  END *[SPOILER ALERT]*

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 1 of 3. Glad to read it.

IMDB: Battleship (2012)


DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Oh you bet! I’ve watched it several times. 🙂

LION PAW PRINTS:  3 of 5. Fun!

Battleship movie poster.

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