Movie Review: “The Conjuring”

OVERALL:  Fun and scary.

POINTS: So well acted and directed. This is what

PITFALLS: Witches are bad again? Really? Oh #$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#$%^&*(&^ that nonsense! As I have ranted before, witches are people, usually women, who practice old folkways to heal people and care for them. They are priestesses and priests of the community. THEY ARE NOT SATANISTS!!! Let me repeat myself: THEY ARE NOT SATANISTS!!! Any witch who says they worship Satan is WRONG (on so many levels) and they are NOT true witches. Good grief people just look at the historical NON-RELIGIOUS BIASED records, and knock it off. So many innocent people were tortured and killed in the name of God, accused of being witches. To continually make witches villains is rather like making Jewish people villains. Now do you see how tacky that is? Thank you.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Yes. Lots of them and they were all interesting. They were 70s housewives and spiritual warriors and they took care of their families and their situations with grace. Well done!!!!! I like characters that aren’t caricatures and these women were compelling and fully developed.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): See Pitfalls above. *geesh*

HIGH POINT(S): A believable scary movie. You know how sometimes scary movie characters are stupid? Not here. They are real flesh and blood people. The “discover” the problem gradually, like it happens in The Exorcist, and it is believable. A good movie.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): I’ll give is a 3 of 3. Lots of women, lots of conversations between women about their situations and lives. At this time Bechdel Test has not written about the movie.

IMDB: The Conjuring (2013)


DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yup. That’s how we saw it, at home on our Blue-Ray player.

 LION PAW PRINTS:  3 of 5.

For horror movies only: HUBBY’S HORROR RATING. “It is one of the best horror movies ever made.” – Hubby. Hubby also says that people who have seen it are very affected by it. Note that since we were watching this movie at home we were not holding hands like we do in the movie theater and therefore I could not inflict any hand or arm pain during scary parts. Be glad for him. 🙂

The Conjuring movie poster

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