Snippet: Women at the Box Office

Oh look! The Indiwire posted this article Teen Heroines Kick Box-Office Ass. Yes that’s right, Katniss Everdeen from Catching Fire and Anna from Frozen, have taken over the box office and proven, yet again, that women make money. That’s right! Movies with women leads and women directors can pull in the money. The old saw of “people won’t go see movies with women in them” – as argument used to keep women from having meatier roles, lead roles, and direct, is clearly WRONG!!

Also let’s not forget that Gravity held its own at the box office – $249,000,000 plus at the time of this post. What is extra cool is that Gravity focused on a 40 year old woman! Yes an actual woman and not just a pretty girl. Women winning at the box office? Why yes!

Speaking of Sandra Bullock, let us remember this summer and The Heat which has brought in $159,000,000 plus. Ooo and that reminds me that The Heat’s Melissa McCarthy does very well at the box office herself.

So what am I trying to say here? Hey Hollywood – you CAN make movies about and by women/women as heroes and leads, and you will still make money!! No you don’t have to stop making the movies you are making – they are fun too!! Just make more movies for the sisters as well.

Oh AND 12 Years A Slave has done well also. So you see, people in the movies don’t have to all European descent. 😉

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