A Thanksgiving Post

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my husband’s favorite TV shows is WKRP in Cincinnati. I enjoy the show too, but my real joy is watching it with him. I love his laugh – especially when he tears up because he is laughing too hard.  His favorite episode is “Turkeys Away” an episode where well, turkeys are released from the sky. It is really really funny. I’m just glad that no turkeys were actually hurt and after watching the episode, well one will never want to do that again.

Today I found this wonderful post on Classic TV History BlogTurkeys Away: An Oral History. Read the post and enjoy.

You can view the episode highlights in the embedded video. Enjoy.

May this day bring you joy, fullness, love, blessings, and justice – justice for all.

Happy Thanksgiving.

WKRP in Cincinnati DVD cover

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