Movie Review: “Sinister”

OVERALL: Enjoyable horror flick. Didn’t expect the ending.

POINTS: It was a horror story that had a different rhythm than the typical horror movie. I often could not guess what the characters were going to say or do. I liked that the movie was not entirely predictable. 

PITFALLS: Blame the Pagan Syndrome (See Cultural Pitfalls). Long suffering wife (See Female Characters).

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Typical wife in a movie. Tracy Oswalt played by Juliet Rylance is the long-suffering wife of the hero, Ellison Oswalt played by Ethan Hawke. The hero is writing about a murder case because hey, that’s how he makes a living and feeds his family. So I am watching this and thinking why doesn’t the wife get a job so she doesn’t have to move her family across the country which she doesn’t like. I just found it annoying.   

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): {*SPOILER ALERT*}  Blame the Pagan Syndrome. Oh good grief. So you want to have a “bad guy” so you make up a god and call it a pagan god. Oh BS!! I’m sick of this nonsense! Why do you have to constantly blame ancient religions for bad things. STOP IT!!!! I’m tired of this religious bigotry. You couldn’t just say that Bughuul aka Mr. Boogie isn’t just the boogie man? This pisses me off a lot. I’m tired of it. Stop blaming thousands of years of cultures for bad things. {END *SPOILER ALERT*}

HIGH POINT(S): Movement in still photos. Longer pauses in between the scares and different types of scares.

BECHDEL TEST (Website)2 of 3. I’m actually surprised the movie did that well.

IMDB: Sinister (2012)

OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE:  Sinister Official Website

DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yes. In fact that is how I watched it.

LION PAW PRINTS: 3 of 5. Creepy and I really did not expect the ending.

Sinister movie poster

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