Movie Review: “Here Comes the Boom”

  • OVERALL: WHAT?!?!? I LIKED this movie a lot!!! OMG I DID! And I’m not a fan of the main actor, Kevin James, but I may have to change my mind. 🙂
  • POINTS: The characters, the shed light on education, and the music.
  • PITFALLS: Unhappily married couples bother me. See below.  
  • FEMALE CHARACTER(S): I have always liked Salma Hayek and i liked her take charge character Bella Flores. Bella is a fighter and does the right thing by supporting good causes and the people who fight them. She also doesn’t just fall for the hero and ends up helping him.  Yes that is heroines tend to do, but I liked how she didn’t just fall all over him . [SPOILER ALERT] I especially like their first date where she shows him how to fight. Or actually just shows how she fights. 🙂 It was fun. [END SPOILER ALERT] I also really liked the young woman Malia played by Charice. What a charming charismatic young woman.  I truly enjoyed her singing and her scenes.
  • CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Hmmm….. I’m so enamored with the movie right now I can’t really think of – oh wait. I really get tired of husbands and wives not liking teach other and being parents to many children that they don’t like. Granted you got a bit of hope about their situation but really that is just not right.  
  • HIGH POINT(S): The whole darn thing!! It is what I think of a seamlessly made movie. The characters are understandable, the plot moves in a logical fashion, and the characters are great. Plus I like stories where teachers get to be the heroes and we show how teachers can make a difference in student’s lives. And I was glad that the movie showed how tough it is for educators as budgets are cut and they try to do more or the same with less. If you think teaching is easy, try it.
  • BECHDEL TEST (Website): At the time of writing this post, the Bechdel Test Website was down. However I think it gets just a 2 of 3 as there are two named female leads but they don’t really talk.
  • DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Own it on DVD and will watch it again.
  •  LION PAW PRINTS:  3-5. Very very good movie. 🙂


ADDENDUM: MAJOR GROUSE: The Music Industry   As you can see from my above review, I really enjoyed this movie. However. I am FURIOUS with the Music Industry. See there was an INCREDIBLE SONG in this movie. A mash-up of Neil Diamond’s Holly Holy done by Ultralove. OMG. Hearing that song gave me goosebumps. It was amazing. I had to hear that song over and over again. Not to mention that then Charice sang it and it was also amazing!! So of course I went to to buy this amazing song and quite possibly the entire soundtrack. And what did I find? Well it wasn’t there. So I searched and searched and searched for it and found it on YouTube. During this search I found other people desperately wanting to buy the song too as they loved it. I kept searching for a way to buy this song and discovered this written by Ultralove: The UMG and/or Columbia Pictures don’t have plans to release the song for purchase. WHAT?!?!?!


Look music industry I have been seeing articles about how sad you are that you are losing money. Well serves you right!! Here is a song that many people want to purchase, yet you won’t let them! Did it not occur to you that you could just release the song on Amazon or on iTunes and MAKE MONEY!!!!! Maybe even help the artist make money. But no. You aren’t. *raspberry* Can you explain this in a way that doesn’t sound like you are trying to control everything and keep money away from the artist? Probably not. But I would be interested.

And good grief release the song. No wonder artists don’t trust or use you any more.

And just to prove to you, good reader, how fantastic the song is, you can hear it now: Holly Holy (NSFW Remix) Neil Diamond feat. UltraLove. Note: I haven’t yet heard the Not Safe For Work lyrics yet.

Also enjoy Charice’s version as well: Charice sings “Holly Holy” as Malia.  I want to buy this too music industry!!!!!!!!!

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