Movie Review: “Resident Evil: Retribution”

  • OVERALL: I love Resident Evil movies!!!!! and this one did so not disappoint! Wow! It was amazing.
  • POINTS: OMG it’s Resident Evil!!! It’s zombie slaying action with awesome female action heroines (MORE THAN ONE!) – and heroes – kick butt, take names, and lay the hurt on the zombie horde. And the opening sequence of this movie are pure artistic, visual, poetry. Plus there are African and Asian descent people as well as European descent which is good. As I’ve stated before, and I’ll say it again, I get tired of watching white people all of the time. I need variety. 🙂
  • PITFALLS: Ok, I admit, I can’t watch women in action movies wearing high heels the whole time. I can’t deal with it. You can’t move in them! If you could Stallone would wear them when kicking butt as Rambo.  High heels are just bad for you – and keep your “I love high heels” comments to yourself: enjoy your shoes and leave me and the facts alone. So I would LOVE it if action heroines got to wear decent shoes like the heroes. I’m looking forward to that day.
  • FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Yes yes yes yes yes!! Resident Evil movies are some of the few movies that will always have more than one action heroine in the flick. We always have the wonderful Alice (Milla Jovovich) but this time we have THREE kick ass women – only one is a villain – who help each other out, discuss, plan, plot, and rule. People who say movies with women action heroes can’t make money need to eat their shorts and have this flicks handed to them. I mean really.
  • CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Did I mention how much I hate high heels on action characters? Ok.
  • HIGH POINT(S): Oh there are so many. Ok, here are the big ones: 1) The Opening Sequence. O.M.G. Like wow. The opening sequence of this movie is a miracle of film making. In slow motion in glorious color and framing, we watch a full throttle, power-on, warfare zombie battle scene – backwards. Then we get it in real time forwards which takes seconds not minutes. Look, you may think this sounds, well, who cares, but people please!! This sequence is AMAZING!!!! I wanted to stand up and cheer in the movie theater when it finished but figured I would get tossed out and I wanted to see the rest of the flick. 🙂 2) Deaf Child: Max. OMG the child in this movie is deaf! This is great because not only am I tired of seeing white people in movies all of the time but I am tired of seeing people who aren’t differently abled. Enter Max. She is not saccharin cute, she is vulnerable and smart. And perhaps the fact that she is deaf contributes to her vulnerability. Maybe not for all but it did for me. Or maybe it was just her lovely acting.  She was perfect. It was also perfect that the actress herself is partially deaf and thus knows sign language and properly communicates. Her parents in the movie are great with her and properly communicate with her – look in her face – sign all the time so she can be part of the conversations. Totally great. I am glad that she will be coming back (see NOTES below).  3) MORE THAN ONE ACTION HEROINE IN THE LEAD!! This has always impressed me about the Resident Evil movies. Somebody likes women and like watching them kick butt and take names. At the very least stand up for themselves. Having more than one women in a lead role is rare for any movie, but especially for an action adventure movie. I will always respect the Resident Evil movies for breaking with a severe Hollywood stereotype and having women action heroes. HEROES ok? Not just one!!!! Oh and the men are very cool too. They are heroes too and get to strut and kick butt right along with the women. They are good, sexy, powerful men who don’t need to put down women to prove they are men. ‘Tis made of WIN!! 4) Milla Jovovich. Let me be honest: I love watching Milla Jovovich kick butt. She is a wonderful action heroine and I could watch her for hours. Plus when I watch interviews of her she seems to be a lovely, kind person. Plus she LOVES her daughter and holds swords for her beloved little girl. “Mommy, sword” is apparently something the young one likes to say so Mommy will do some of her fancy moves. 🙂 Ms. Jovovich, please keep kicking butt. 🙂
  • BECHDEL TEST (Website): 3 out of 3 – Obviously!!!
  • DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY:  Well duh!! I own the blu-ray and watch it often. So good. I watch all of the other Resident Evil movies too. OMG just fun!
  •  LION PAW PRINTS:  3 of 5. I enjoy these movies very very very much.

NOTE!! Here’s some Wiki info on Resident Evil. It has made a LOT of money AND the next Resident Evil movie is scheduled for September 2014. I will so be there in the movie theater cheering Alice and her pals on. Plus check out the Website for the actress who plays the deaf child, Max. Her name is Aryana Engineer.

Resident Evil: Retribution blu-ray cover.

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